OLIVE GAZA (Reversible Bucket Hat)



Introducing our reversible bucket hat, featuring a cross-hatch pattern of olive branches symbolizing peace. 100% of the Proceeds support UNRWA and PCRF, which aid Gaza.


As the conflict in Gaza continues to unfold, the humanitarian situation grows increasingly dire for its residents. Gaza has been at the center of ongoing tensions and conflicts with significant repercussions for its civilian population.
In recent years, Gaza has faced recurrent cycles of violence, and the latest escalation quickly escalated into airstrikes and rocket attacks, leaving homes, hospitals, and schools in ruins.

The impact has killed many innocent people, torn families apart, livelihoods shattered, and communities displaced without basic necessities. The blockade imposed has exacerbated these challenges, severely restricting access to vital resources like medical supplies, food, and clean water. The ongoing blockade has contributed to high unemployment rates and dire poverty levels among Gaza's people.

Humanitarian organizations work tirelessly to provide lifesaving assistance in response to this crisis. Your support can make a meaningful difference by providing essential aid such as food, shelter, medical care, and psychosocial support to those most affected by the conflict.


♥ 100% polyester
♥ Moisture-wicking and breathable fabric
♥ Linen feel material
♥ Reversible